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fire safety awareness course

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What's involved?

The first unit looks at the importance of fire safety and why the risks must be managed, what legislation is applicable to fire safety and how this affects you.
In this unit we look at the fire triangle, classification of fires, how fire spreads and movement of smoke through a building.
In this unit we look at fire risk assessments, controlling flammable and combustible materials, controlling ignition sources and good housekeeping.
In this unit we look at Emergency Evacuation Plans (EEP), considerations for vulnerable or disabled people, fire drills and training, calling the emergency services, people’s behaviour, assembly points, roll call, arrival of the fire service and evacuation procedure Do’s and Don’ts.
In this unit we look at fire detection and alarm systems, emergency routes and exits, emergency lighting, fire safety signs and firefighting equipment such as the use of fire extinguishers.

Why should I study fire safety?

Fires can be hugely devastating with around 75% of businesses unable to recover after there has been a fire within the workplace. Therefore, it’s vital that all employees understand these dangers and know how to reduce the risk of starting a fire.

This fire safety awareness course covers the dangers associated with fire and provides practical steps to minimise and control the risks. The course covers the key legislation, fire classifications, the principles of fire and fire behaviour. It also covers how fires can be prevented, types and uses of fire extinguishers, fire risk assessments and fire safety arrangements.

To complete the course, it takes around 2 hours and you must pass the final multiple-choice test. After this you will have instant access to your certificate.

  • Instant access to your course upon purchase, no need to wait
  • Downloadable certificate immediately after successful completion
  • Take the tests as many times as you need to at no additional cost
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fire safety awareness course

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(Bulk discounts offered)

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How does it work?

Instant access to your course

During the purchase process you will create your own account. Once you have bought your courses you will have instant access to their content from your unique user portal. You will also be sent a copy of the invoice via email for your records (this can also be found in your user portal).

How to complete your course

Each course is broken down into manageable units which contain videos, diagrams, written content, and a range of interactive activities such as quizzes to reinforce your learning.


Once you have completed all the content of a course, you will have the option to take the final test, which will check your knowledge from all the units. To complete the course, and gain your certificate, you must achieve at least 80% in the final multiple-choice quiz.

Getting your certificate

Once you have successfully completed your course and passed the final test you will have instant access to a downloadable PDF certificate. This will also be accessible from your user portal section any time you log in. Your certificate will have a unique ID which can be checked with us if needed.


How long does the course take to complete?

This course takes 2 hours to complete, and you can do this without any restrictions. This means you can complete the course at your own pace. And don’t worry, you can pause and come back to where you left off whenever you like. This means you can fit the course around your other commitments easily.

Will I get a certificate when I finish?

Yes, as soon as you finish this course you can immediately download a PDF version of your personalised certificate. This certificate has a unique ID, so that it can be verified with us if needed.

How long does the certificate last?

We generally recommend taking each course at least once every 2 years. Although, some employers and industries may require you to complete training more frequently, as such please check with your employer if you are unsure.

What are the benefits of completing this course online?

Completing the course online allows you to study in your own time and at your own pace. You can complete the units at a time to suit you and revisit the content as much as you need. This will give you a more engaging learning experience and allow you to interact and learn the content easier.

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